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For Foreigners

Salt cave opening March 13,2013 , ready for you.  Watch the news on the web site

We look forward to welcoming you.01


Welcome   Salt iodine cave microclimate family style – welcome   Hlásná


We are glad that you have visited this area and that it will use to   recovery and relaxation of the body

and soul.

ts of mineral elements that the cave provides only three types of salt -

from   Dead Sea salt from Klodawských down a Himalayan salt blocks to

will gradually gain strength and energy – so-as you need it.

Sit back and please use the perfection of adjustable chairs so that

olných touching the wall, and turn off your mobile device so you do not disturb neighbors   relaxation.

If you have a moment to leave the premises cave – please do it:   peace and

understanding uninterrupted therapy other colleagues.

Self treatment lasts 45 minutes and the approaching end recognize the distinctive white light change.

For correct usage habits starter organism to the effects of salt caves dporučujeme breathe slowly through the nose and exhale through your mouth. – Drop your worries and problems

Relax and leave the elements of salt on your body as it should.

Last postscript – please – don´t lick salt walls and carry forth a salt   area of the cave.

Just so they can provide quality service to other interested curative and relaxation therapies.

Now – we  have started.


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